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Sharon Gunter: Can you tell us the value a home builder gets when building a home?

– [Freeman] Welcome to Texas Top Homes where home buying, selling andfinancing are all simplified.

I'm your host Freeman Sawyer.

With me is my co-host Tracy Wesman.

Today we're chatting withone of Texas top builders Sharon Gunter with First Texas Homes.

– Sharon can you share with us some of the value you get when youbuild with First Texas out there in the preserve,mainly some of the things that are included with your home that maybe aren't includedwith the other builders or even in other First Texas communities.

– Sure.

Some of the things that are included that I think are reallyexceptional, first of all, are our cabinets throughout the home.

They truly are custom cabinets.

They're not box cabinets, every single cabinet in the home is custom built.

So I always tell peopleopen up the drawers, look at it, see how it's built and compare that.

There's not a bunch of little nails and that sort of thing.

– [Freeman] Alright soyou've got beautiful bathrooms and beautiful kitchens.

– [Sharon] Exactly.

Yes, they're very, they'rejust really above most builders.

Also we are an energy star builder.

A lot of builders are energy star but one of the things we also add are the tank-less water heaters.

To me, that is one of thebest things in the world.

I actually had them comeout and put one in my house and I can take a showerall day long (laughs) and not run out of hot water.

– [Tracy] I need one of those.

– I absolutely love that,that is one thing that most builders are going to charge you for.

– [Freeman] For a tank-less water heater? – Exactly.

Then we have the great wholehome automation system, the Savant System.

That is really cool, I can even program it which is, that's saying something.

So that you now havecontrol with your phone or whatever for music, cameras, the heating and air conditioning, the garage door opener, thelights, everything in your home.

That comes standard withour First Texas homes and there isn't anotherbuilder that I know of in the Dallas Fort Wortharea that has that.

That's really important, itcomes with some extra things like the surround sound pre wire, pre wire for cameras, pre wire for speakers.

You can even set upscenes so like at my model I have a scene that turnson the lights 15 minutes before I get there towork, turns them off.

Turns off the music, turns down the heater and the air conditioning.

If you're interesting in that, – [Freeman] I think that's awhole new wave that's coming to the home world is home automation.

It sounds like you guyshave easy home automation and what we've actuallymet the guys from Home Pro and they do a great job for you guys.

They're a lot of fun, but the Savant Systemsounds just wonderful.

– [Sharon] It is, andit used to be, years ago only really high end homes, I mean multi million dollarhomes had this sort of available.

Today First Texas hasthat in all their homes.

– [Freeman] And I'm thinking by the way you made that commentthat even you could do it, it does not require teenage tech support? – Oh no, no, no, no.

No I can do it.

I actually understood it when he was showing me how to do it.

Now that's something.

– That's great, that's great.

Sharon if folks wanna come out to Rockwell and pay you a visit andpick out a home site, what's your website and phone number.

– [Sharon] Our website is FirstTexasHomes.

Com and our phone number at the preserve is 972 722 1719.

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Should You Sell Your Home to an Investor?

Welcome back everyone.

Our real estate expert, Monte Mohr, is withus this morning.

He has sold thousands of homes here in MiddleTennessee.

He has decades of experience.

You want him on your team if you are wantingto buy or sell a home.

Before we get to that, congratulations bythe way! Thank you, Kelly.

Dancing with the Nashville Stars, that wasso amazing! You did an incredible job.

It was way more than I ever imagined it wouldbe, as far as the difficulty factor, but I'm so grateful.

I wanted to thank the viewers today for helpingthis be such a success.

Feed America First is one of the most amazingorganizations I've ever seen.

Every dollar feeds 10 people.

They major their success on Dancing with theNashville Stars with can they feed one million people afterwards.


This year they hit the highest, 1.

25 million.

That's so great! A wonderful success! I want to thank the viewers for helping megenerate $28,000 as a part of that.

That's over 300,000 meals.

Thank you very much! Everybody, thank you so much.

What an honor.

That is so awesome! Congratulations on that.

Now we have to get back to business.

We have a question; people are asking, sowe have to get to it! Betty in Nashville wrote us and said "Mr.

Mohr, I keep receiving post cards from investors about wanting to buy my home.

They say they will purchase it in 'as is'condition.

Is selling to an investor a good idea? I trust your opinion.

" I've been getting these too! I think everybody gets some of these in themail.

A lot of people do.

My answer is yes and no.

Yes, if they'll pay you a fair price, butmost of these investors are not.

That's what people don't realize.

They're basing their presumed value on whatthey paid for it 20 or 30 years ago, and the values have gone up greatly.

I say yes, if they'll pay you fair price.

I sold one to an investor recently.

They paid a maximum price, because they plannedon holding it and not flipping it.

If they're flipping it, please don't.

For over 30 years, I've been selling homes.

I used to write for The Tennessean; everySunday I'd have an article for The Tennessean.

I've condensed those articles into a hundredpage book that I promise every question you can imagine is answered in this book.

I promise that if you'll get this book, andI want to offer it for free today for the first 10 callers, you'll get more for yourhouse, in less time, and with fewer hassles.

I promise that.

That's the commitment I make today to theChannel 4 viewers.

You have absolutely nothing to lose everybody.

If you would like to give them a call, here'sthe number – it's 615-636-8244 and the first 10 callers will get the book for free.

So give them a call! You can also find Monte online at TennesseeDreamHomes.


You can give him an email, shoot him a question,at MonteMohr@Yahoo.


Thank you so much for coming in.

Thank you.

And thanks for what you did for Feed AmericaFirst.

It was a real blessing.

That's huge, and you were great.

Thank you, and thank you for encouraging mein the process.

Of course!.

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3 Things You Need To Sell Your Home

welcome back to the Sims real estategroup of Remax Nanaimo Jason Simard here again bringing further value I want totalk about something that's really important I wanna talk about theimportance of really properly setting up your home for sale and having a trueprofessional represent you when listing your property so there's three thingsthat are crucial to selling a home number one you have to price the homeproperly nobody wants to overpay for anything so at the end of the day if you'remissing the mark with your property it's gonna sit on the market for a long timeand become stale so getting the price right is really important so getting aprofession like myself that has true understanding the market they can getall the data that makes sense and provide you a market analysis iscritical the second thing is is you need to stageyour home properly it needs to be clean uncluttered it needs to show really wellbecause I'll tell you this showing hundreds of homes to people over theyears one of things that I get all the time this is this doesn't look right Idon't like that furniture and that's not what people are buying but that's howthey feel and how they feel that's gonna ultimately dictate whether they want toput an offer on the property or not most people can't overlook those littlethings ninety-four percent of buyers haveviewed your home online before they even go out to see it in person so what'simportant you need a professional like The Sims like my team at Sims realestate group who understand marketing and they understand the importance ofshowcasing a home properly so as long as we hit those three things number one we getthe price right number two we make sure the home looks clean and unclutteredand shows well and then number three let's make sure that a hundred percentof the buyers that are looking can see your home and showcased in the mostprofessional light my team prides itself on being very tech savvy we understandthat real estate has changed over the last ten years the Internet has changedthe way people do business in fact it's so crucial that we spend most of ourmarketing dollars utilizing the internet to showcase homes and generate moreopportunities those are the three most important things and of course I'm gonna throw in afourth-year you have to have a professional that can negotiate yourhome and really help you generate the best price for that home and that's gonnabe someone like myself who is a professional when it comes tonegotiation.

At the end of the day those are all the factors that are gonna becrucial in your next home sale if I can help you list your property give you a market information I'm hereto do that and I have an amazing team behind me to make sure that the marketing strong.

Stay tuned till the next time.

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How to Grow a Vegetable Garden if you RENT your Home

This is John Kohler with growingyourgreens.

Com,I have another exciting episode for you today.

As you can see, today I’m on yet anotherfield trip and we’re visiting another viewer’s house that was inspired by me so I’m feelingreally cool that this is happening today, and as you can see behind me we’re in NorthLas Vegas and you can see me this is what the desert looks like, people littering theirplastic bags that are ending up in the scrub brush over there and there’s just not muchgrowing on.

But if we turn over to just across the street here, the residential area, andthere’s some amazing gardens growing on.

And I want to encourage everybody whetheryou live in Las Vegas in the desert where, look, nothing would normally grow, and peoplethink you can’t grow food in the desert, you’re going to have a rock landscapinglike many people do here.

You can do it, and we’re going to show you today what has beendone by a 23 year-old who just found my videos a few years ago and got really inspired togrow everything he’s growing in his back yard, and it’s totally amazing.

So let’shead to the back yard and check it out.

This is your standard back yard in Las Vegas.

As you can see it’s just rocks, and it’s barren, there’s nothing growing.

Now yourback yard could look like this or like a back yard over the way they have a Miss Kitty Playjump house I don’t know if they’re out there having a birthday party or what today,but there’s probably not a lot of food growing over there.

But I want to let you guys knowthat you can do it, because this is an awesome example, this is probably one of the nicestback yards that I’ve seen here in Vegas.

And now the amazing thing is simply this:this is a rental house.

This is not even owned or anything by the gardener that’s doingthis, it’s a rental.

So he built all these raised beds out of just inexpensive constructiongrade lumber, not even treating the wood.

They may not be here forever, but that’sall right because they are growing now and that’s what is really important.

So let’sgo inside I’m going to show you this amazing backyard garden here in Las Vegas.

So check it out, this back yard is not barren like the one next door but it’s just fullof greenery.

This is really well laid out, designed well, just really simple easy constructionusing two by sixes and some two by eights tied together, nailed and screwed, and there’sI don’t even know how many raised beds are in here, there’s at least two dozen raisedbeds and each one has different things planted, so what we’re going to get to do today isactually walk around and show you some of the construction, show you guys what is growingand actually more importantly show you guys some of the varieties that are growing.

There’sa lot of different varieties of things, and unique and uncommon things, many of whichwere learned from my show, but there’s even a few things I haven’t heard of and haven’tseen growing before, so I’m actually super impressed with his garden, and I’m superexcited to share with you guys, so let’s check it out.

The next thing I want to talk about is the design and layout, I mean this is really anice design, it’s just laid out well, he has maybe about 18 inches between these raisedbeds, in the center he has little L-shaped beds around and a nice raised bed in the middlewith all those basil around the edges he has marigolds and pepper plants in each of thesebeds, so let’s head over to the basil and show you the basil he’s growing.

This is definitely one bed of basil, and he probably likes making pesto a lot.

And thething about this I really like is that this really shows the genetic diversity that he’sgrowing here.

I mean simply in this one raised bed he has fourteen basil plants and eightdifferent varieties, all though I would like it if he had fourteen different varieties,but eight varieties is definitely really good nonetheless, that’s a lot of different varietiesto hunt down and plant.

And by doing this he can literally see which variety is goingto grow best here in North Las Vegas.

So he has all different varieties of basils, andI want to encourage you guys to grow a variety of things, because one variety may grow betteror worse than another in your area.

So next let’s take a look at some of theraised beds in this back yard and as you can see they’re just built out of standard lumberhere, this one’s probably about two feet by two feet, and even if you have a smallerraised bed like this, you can grow lots of food, they’ve got some marigolds growingin here, some onion chives, but more importantly, he’s using the vertical space to his advantage.

And how he’s doing that is simply right here attached onto his raised bed are sometwo by fours going all the way up, and some one by twos going across that you can see,and he’s basically tying up and growing his cucumbers vertically.

Now he has threedifferent varieties of cucumbers in here, Armenian, White Lightning, and a lemon cucumber,and each one’s growing at a different rate so that’s kind of good to know, I’m surealso he’ll learn this year which variety grows the best in this particular climateand situation and maybe next year he’ll continue to grow the ones that did reallywell, and not the ones that didn’t do so well, and that’s something really that Iwant to encourage you guys to do.

What he’s doing here is growing many different varietiesof crops, just kind of see what works and what doesn’t, and he’s learning as hegrows and that’s one of the big things that I admire about him, and I want to encourageyou guys to do that as well.

And this one’s a very special treat righthere, check out.

This is my grandbaby, well I don’t have any grandbaby kids or evenbabies, but I’ve got a grandbaby tree collards.

This tree collard originated from my gardenfrom a cutting, I gave it to my friend Jason, Jason took cuttings from his plant and nowit’s growing here, and now this gardener’s actually making cuttings and my great-great-grandbabiesare going to end up hopefully maybe even in your yard.

So once again tree collards, itliterally grows as a tree, and this is actually a really nice specimen.

He’s taken the timeto stake it properly, and he’s taken the time to cut back all the bad leaves, and hehas one nice trunk coming up, which is a good inch in diameter, and this is the way in myopinion a tree collard should be grown.

Once again it’s pretty tall he’s going to topit off and hopefully encourage it to bush out to produce more food, and he doesn’twant it getting too tall for his neighbors, and that’s a thing you know, you can controlhow much a plant grows especially in the case of tree collards where it’s putting on theleaves that may not necessarily affect too much of the yield by topping it, actuallyit’ll probably increase the yield.

But once again on things like cucumbers, you mightnot want to top it off, because that probably will affect the yield.

Next let’s take a look at this raised bed here, and this is his herb raised bed.

Andhe did this really smart, I like how he did this.

He built a one foot by about eight footraised bed and then he actually put in dividers in here.

So he made little growing compartmentsfor each herb.

Especially some herbs may want to get aggressive and take over, such as Iknow this guy will.

The oregano likes to take over, and if you’re growing the mint, there’ssome [inaudible] mint, and different things, they’re not going to go out of their littlearea because they’re enclosed in, so this is like a container garden within a raisedbed.

So he has 14 different varieties of herbs growing in here, so he has literally an herbgarden right in his back yard that looks really lush and is growing really well.

One of myfavorite herbs are the stevia, the stevia’s an excellent plant to grow in Las Vegas, alsoI’m pretty impressed that the lemon verbena is actually growing nice and well also.

Imean we could walk around this whole back yard and explain every different tree andplant.

Besides having vegetables he has a lot of fruit trees so, some of my favoritesincluding the loquat tree and the pineapple guava, he also has real guavas and apple trees,he’s even growing a goji berry, here’s a nice big bush of rosemary that’s got itsown bed, now that’s probably for a really good reason.

He’s got Egyptian walking onions,so these are really cool is what these are.

They sprout on the top, and what will happenis when they get older, they’ll actually dump over and then these will hit the groundand they’ll actually sprout new plants and kind of just walk, all though there’s notreally a whole lot of room to walk in this bed once they do turn over, you can probablytake those, pop them off and actually grow new plants and give them to another gardenerso that these plants can be propagated and given to other people so that more peoplecan grow their own food.

Next let’s talk about some more herbs, andthis is his mint bed, he did this really smart, he containerized each one, although it lookskind of like a raised bed, and he did it in like a stair step fashion so he has a lowerone and an upper one, and I really like that design criteria of his garden to make it lookreally nice.

And containing your mints is definitely an important thing to do, becausethey will spread out.

So he literally has six varieties of mint, and actually I cansmell the chocolate mint above all else.

Mmm smells really nice and the mints are growingreally well.

If you are not currently growing any food at home, you want to start growingsome mint.

Mint will grow literally as a weed, and it’s one of the easiest things to grow.

And once you’ve got your foot in the door at least growing one thing, then you can moveon to the more advanced levels like he’s doing here.

So let’s take a look at someof the advanced things he’s growing.

Some of the things he’s growing here arethe guavas.

And guavas, you know you probably should grow those somewhere like SouthernCalifornia where it doesn’t freeze, it might get to cold in the winter time, so he’splanned ahead and built a trellis up the back so he can drape over something and I’d alsorecommend maybe putting some Christmas tree lights to keep a little bit warmer.

Besidesthe guava growing in here I have something else that I talked about in my show but I’venever grown myself because it just takes an incredibly long season, so I don’t knowhow well it’s going to do, if it’s going to fruit, or produce fruit, but it’s coolthat he’s growing it nonetheless, this is actually called the casa banana, and thisis a melon type fruit that I’ve eaten before in Puerto Rico, and I love the look of theseleaves, I mean these leaves look literally ornamental, and so these vines could actuallyget really long so he’s growing them against the brick wall, but this guy’s growing upand hopefully it will vine out a long ways and maybe even produce some fruit for him.

In this raised bed once again he’s using some two by fours stacked up on top of eachother to build a raised bed, it’s probably a one foot by about eight foot again, andthen he used some more two by fours and some one by two to make a very simple trellis,I mean this is just construction grade lumber that he did not treat, so will this last forever?Absolutely not, but is this allowing him to grow today with a minimal investment and minimalcost in resources? Absolutely, and that I believe is what’s really important, andespecially because this is a rental that he could literally pick up and move all thisstuff at a moment’s notice if they decide to move.

Nonetheless in this raised bed he’sgrowing a lot of unique melons.

And you can see here, these kind of look like cucumberor something a little bit, but they’re not.

What these guys are are Korean melons.

Soyou can see here’s a Korean melon flower, and a little fruit starting to form, and ifyou go down here, this what it looks like right here, these are Korean melons, I lovethese guys a lot, I had some actually when I was visiting Korea, and they also grow themin California, and I’ve n ever had a truly ripe one, so one of these days I want to eata truly ripe one.

They kind of taste a little bit sweet and like a cucumber, but insidethey’re mostly hollow and air space, and there’s a lot of seeds so there’s nota lot of fruit.

But one day hopefully I’ll be growing my own, and I get to taste them.

Next we’re going to talk about these two raised beds here, there’s a bank of fourof these guys with eggplant pepper, eggplant pepper, and in this bed he has some eggplantsplanted and he basically in this two and a half foot by six foot raised bed, he plantedbasically two rows on each side, and with 10 inch to 11 inch space although normal squarefoot gardening spacing is 12 inch on eggplants, and then he also popped in one on the diagonalin the middle to get like a third row.

So he’s really packing the plants in, and tome this looks like it’s doing really well, maybe a little bit tight, but you know what,hey it all works, that’s all good.

And the plants are flowering, looks like they’redoing well, eggplants are probably my number one favorite fruit to grow in Vegas just becauseit’s going to do really well, it can totally tolerate the hot heat of Vegas.

And one ofthe other things that he’s doing that’s really cool is he’s experimenting as hegrows, and I want to encourage you guys to experiment.

So on this side he used Job’sOrganic fertilizer, and on this side he used the Epsoma Plant Tone fertilizer, and basedon his results, he would say the Epsoma Plant Tone Organic fertilizer is doing better thanthe Job’s.

And besides just testing the fertilizer, he’s also testing the [inaudible]too! So like this row has the Great White [inadubile], and this row has the Micos, andguess which one did better? It’s undeterminable, because they both look about the same.

SoI would be interested to see if he did one row Great White, one row Micos and one rowwith nothing, and then we could truly see the difference.

In this raised bed he’sgrowing peppers and he’s pushing the limits of square foot gardening and I think that’sall good, especially here in Vegas I’ve noticed some of the peppers actually don’tget quite as bushy, they actually grow taller, so in some instances this actually looks likeand actually is working for him because things aren’t getting too bushy, all though itis still pretty early in the season and it’s going to be interesting to see how all thisplays out later on.

But on the rows he’s basically spacing them on the 12 inches andin between the plants they’re pretty tight and only six inches apart.

But nonetheless,everything looks like they’re growing really well, they’ve got actually lots of fruitson them, and these plants look nice and lush.

Now we’re looking at yet another raisedbed, and he has some melons growing along the bottom, and this is actually a two layerraised bed, he’s got the bottom layer here with some melons and some eggplants aroundthe bottom, and then he has a top layer here with a fruit tree and some rosemary growingunderneath it.

Now this fruit tree is a pomegranate, and that’s probably my number one favoritetree to grow in Vegas, pomegranates will do really well, and pomegranates are really highantioxidant fruits.

I mean, the other thing that’s really amazing about this space thatI really want to comment on is that he’s really packing it to the max.

Not only thevegetable plants we saw some examples of growing the eggplants really close, and the peppersreally close, he also has 30 fruit-bearing trees, vines and shrubs here in this backyardand I mean, this back yard is not really big, this is probably one of the newer houses thathave two stories, so it’s a lot of square footage, but the yard is really small.

Andwhile some of the fruit trees aren’t in the optimal sized container, they’re goingto be definitely growing and producing fruit while he’s living in this rental, and thenfinally when he moves out he can take those plants and plant them in the ground, and that’sone thing that I want you guys to be inspired by is how much this young man is growing inthis backyard, and if he can do it, so can you because he is a brand-new gardener he’snever done any of this before, and he’s done so much in so little time with the helpof some of my videos, and maybe next time we’ll even get to interview him on here,and that’d be really cool too.

So hopefully you guys enjoyed and were inspiredby this episode, and you know what? In the end you guys can do it too, you guys needto just get off your duff and start growing today.

Once again my name is John Kohler withgrowingyourgreens.

Com, we’ll see you next time and keep on growing.

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When The Right Time To Sell, And When Should You Rent or Hold It?

Brian: I’m Brian Spitz, president of BigState Home Buyers.

Thanks for joining us and today, as our guest, we have Amber Carrillo,with Carrington Real Estate Services.

And we’re going to talk about when is the righttime to sell your house, and whether or not you should rent or sell it.

Whether it’sin this current market or just in general.

So, thanks so much for coming today.

Amber: Absolutely.

Thanks for having me.

Rent home or sell it(0:00:53.

1) Brian: Absolutely.

So, tell us about renting your home or selling it.

Amber: Well, when it comes to renting your home or selling it, there are just so manydifferent factors.

A lot of it is going to depend on you, on personal finances.

And whatworks best for your situation.

Are you in a situation where you need to sell your housein order to buy another one? Or are you in a situation where you’re going to be a longdistance landlord.

There are so many factors that go into that.

Brian: Yeah, that’s true.

I mean, a lot of it, I guess, is whether or not you needthe down payment and the equity of your first house or whether your mortgage lender requiresthat you only have one loan.

Amber: Exactly.

Brian: When you see people rent houses out, in my experience, at Big State Home Buyers,we buy houses directly from sellers and one of our biggest client bases is actually, afunny word, is tired landlords, people that have been landlords and want out of the business.

So, what I tell people is it’s not as easy as it looks.

But what is your experience?Of course, it works out really well for some people, especially if you get the right tenants.

Amber: Right.


8) Getting a Property Manager ifRenting Brian: What do you see for the average personwho is thinking about renting their home, rather than selling?Amber: Well, if you do not have the experience, I would absolutely recommend that you contractthat out with someone to handle the property management, because there are just so manydifferent laws, you know, tenant rights and landlord rights, and you really need to bestudying up on those types of things.

If not, have a really good real estate attorneyin your corner that you can call whenever a question or situation arises.

When it comesto doing evictions and stuff like that, it can get really hairy, so it’s not somethingthat you would always want to handle hands on.

Brian: Oh, yeah, definitely not.

The biggest reason people try to take that on themselvesis basically to save the money you pay the property manager but my philosophy is youshould pay people to do what they do best so you can do what you do best.

Amber: That’s exactly right.

Brian: Property management is a tough deal.


4) Screening tenants Amber: It is a tough deal.

And it’s so important,if that’s something that you’ve chosen to do, is that you screen the applicants verywell and you’ve got a system in place to screen those.

Brian: Right.

Amber: So a lot of times, if you’re goingto list it with an agent to lease it out, we have those resources available to do backgroundchecks and credit screenings and stuff like that.

Brian: Right.

Amber: To be able to prevent putting felonsand stuff like that in the property.

Brian: Right.

And so a lot of times, peoplejust put a For Rent sign in front of their house and they kind of take whichever tenantlooks like they can pay the rent.

But the reality is if you just wait for the righttenant, you end up in a much better position.

Amber: That’s right.

Brian: So, definitely, you know, and the market right now for rentals, just like for sales,is really strong.

So you can hold out for the right tenant.

Amber: Right.


There’s tons of investors in the market that are snappingup the houses and turning them, holding them for a period of five to ten and even twentyyears, in some cases.

And they’re renting those properties out.

And there’s a highdemand for rentals.

There are so many people moving to Houston on a weekly basis, so, yeah,there’s a need out there.

And at every turn that you make here in Houston, you see newapartment complexes going up.

Brian: Everywhere.

It’s crazy.

Amber: Yeah.

And occupancy rate is very high right now, so rentals, they are a great investment.

Brian: So you can hold out for a good tenant.

If you’re going to rent your house, holdit out for a good tenant.

Amber: You can, but again, that just dependson if you have note on that house that you need to pay.

Yeah, if you’re in a bind financially,then that’s going to effect on how long you hold out for a good tenant.


5) When is right time to sell Brian: Right.

Oh, I guess, that’s true,too.

How do you know when it’s the right time to sell? You know, there are a lot ofthings about the time of year or the market.

Obviously, the market, the perception is themarket is very strong in Houston, which it is, but what do you tell people when theyask you, what is the right time to sell my house?Amber: Well, you know, many people are looking to sell during the summertime.

That summertimefrenzy starts right in May and goes until about the end of August, beginning of September.

And that’s when you run into situations where you have multiple offers and there’sjust, you know, it’s not uncommon to have your house shown ten times a day.

So, butthat’s a time where people are moving.

You know, teachers are out of school for the summer.

Their kids are out of school for the summer.

And so it’s just more convenient to moveduring that time.

Generally, though, when people are lookingfor a house, if they’re going to be looking for a really good deal, they know the seasonsand they know to hold off.

Only people who really need to sell their house are goingto put their house on the market during Christmas time or during the holiday season.

Brian: Right.

Amber: So, if that’s something that you’refaced with, if it’s possible to put your house on the market during the frenzy, thebuying frenzy, I would definitely recommend it.

If not, you may take a hit in the priceby putting it on the market during the holiday season.

Brian: What’s the cut-off point? Like, if I have a house ready, can I put it on themarket November 1st? Is that too close to Thanksgiving? What is your opinion?Amber: There are people, sometimes, there are so many people moving into Houston, alot of relo’s are happening.

So there will be people, those people come any time of theyear.

Brian: Right.

Amber: And they still need to buy, just like everyone else.

And because we have such adeficit of homes and listings on the market available, right now, you’re not seeingthat impact as greatly as we did several years ago.

Brian: Right.

So really, any time right now in Houston is a good time to sell a house.

Amber: Absolutely.


3) Homestead ExemptionBrian: One of the other things that I see is, in our business, because we’re alwaysbuying, selling, buying, selling.

So we’re always closing houses and the fourth quarterof the year that, you know, November, December, October, those months can be some of our busiestmonths.

And one of the reasons I see in the past couple of years is the Homestead Exemption.

Doesn’t the Homestead Exemption cut off at the end of the year? You have to file forit by December 31st, don’t you, for the following year?Amber: You have to live in that house by December 31st.

Brian: Live in it.

Amber: Yes, of that year, in order to fileit for January.

Brian: So, there’s often a push to get closingsdone in the last weeks of the year so that you can get that Homestead Exemption.

Amber: There is.

And if you work with investors, like a lot of us do, then you’ll find abig push, you know, people are needing to make wise investments before the end of theyear for tax purposes.

So we usually, November, December, are some of our busiest months.

Brian: Yeah, they are.

Well, what else can you tell us about when to sell your house?Amber: Well, let’s see.

Brian: Or when you need to sell it.

Amber: Or sell it when you need to sell it.

Exactly right.

As far as seasons go, gosh(laughter).

I’m drawing a blank.

Brian: Well, that’s a really good start.

So if you want to rent your house, you can contact a good real estate agent, like yourself,and how can we reach you at? Amber: CarringtonRealEstateServices.


Brian: Okay, so CarringtonRealEstateServices.


If you want to sell your house fast and youdon’t want to list it and you don’t want to fix it, or if you’re a landlord that’stired of being a landlord, you can contact us at BigStateHomeBuyers.


But for theperson that wants to rent their house out, and I agree, get yourself a good agent.

Makesure you screen the tenants.

Hold out, if you can, for the good tenant that’s stablewith a job they’ve had for a while and good rent history.

And if you want to sell it,even though the seasons, the old thing is sell in the summer, hold in winter.

If you’rein Houston and you want to sell your house, it looks like any time is the time to do it.

Amber: Any time is a good time.

Brian: Great.

So again, I’m Brian Spitzwith Big State Home Buyers and we are here with Amber Carrillo with Carrington Real EstateServices and thank you very much for joining us.

Amber: You got it.

Brian: Great.

Thank you.

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Why You Should NEVER Rent to Own Anything

Can you tell me why you should never rentto own anything? If you miss a payment, they can take everything.

That’s why it is called a rental.

But itlets me afford to get things in the house now, and that repo won’t land on my creditreport.

You pay as much in a year as it would costto buy the darn thing, up to twice as much as new.

And a lot of the rental appliancesand furniture are in worse shape than if you bought it new.

What can I do then if I can’t afford new? Have you considered Craigslist? I’m afraid it has bedbugs, fleas or both.

Try garage sales.

Then at least you’ll havethe person’s address in case it’s a piece of crap.

That doesn’t work when I need a workingwasher or dryer.

The Laundromat should fit in your budget,if you’re paying rental place rates.

That takes up too much time.

Go to the Sears Outlet place.

They have scratchand dent appliances for sale.

That sounds like the scratch and dent grocerystore, and I wouldn’t dare shop there.

The dishwasher motor and washing machine gutsshould work just as well.

It’s only the shiny smooth outsides that are scuffed up.

How much do I save? You could save anywhere from 20% to 60% onthe price of a new one, more if it is last year’s model.

If you’re really desperate,you could put it on a payment plan or credit card to buy it.

I can’t stand credit card interest rates.

You pay just as much or more per year if yourent to own and then miss payments, getting assessed with fees.

When is rent to own ever a good idea? Shouldyou do it if you only need furniture for a few months? In that case, pay extra for a furnished apartmentor live on a futon and card table until you can afford the furniture.

I don’t want to live like a starving student.

It’s just until you can upgrade to Mid-Americangarage sale.

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How To Sell Your House By Owner – Have Buyers CALL YOU!

hey there my name is Jeremy and chancesare you've landed on this video because you were searching for how to sell yourhouse by owner I myself a couple of years ago I finally decided was tryingto move on from after so many years and memories because it was so special Iwanted to find the right price for it and not settle for anything less solely because of the sentimentality ofthe house for a very long time I really did admittedly struggled to find theright price and buyer but eventually in the end my patience was greatly paid offand so was I that's because I finally found fast cash for homes filled in athirty second form received a phone call from an investor making me an offer theday after I accepted the offer and the phone call was over in 10 minutes tenminutes oh yeah and he paid in cash which I used to buy the house I currently residein now it was the easiest sale I made in my life I felt like a harvardbusiness man for about a month afterwards I mean it's so easy you cando it exactly just like I did maybe even less time who knows why not give it ashot yourself a lot of money to gain no time to lose just click the link belowin the description which will take you to the same fast cash for homes pagethat I used and fill in the form that's it after that just go put on a movie ora box set and wait for a phone call this is how I did it in for you this is howyou can too this is how to sell your house by ownerplease remember these people are investors so they are constantlylooking for properties to buy and people like us are the perfect sellers for themas we are the owners no agencies listings or middlemen involved just youand the seller if they do make you an offer and your adamnt it's not the rightoffer for your house just reject it it's that simple you'll get another offer shortly afterso it's fine that's literally it all you gotta do isclick the link in the description below and fill in the fields and have yourhome sold in a matter of days and don't forget to tell me how it goes by leavingme a comment in the comment section below if you do manage to accept theoffer I'm glad to help hope to hear from you soon happy selling.

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Renting Vs. Homeownership: Which Is Better for YOU?

Hey! So is it better to rent, or is it betterto buy a home? That is the question that virtually everybody asks themselves at one point.

Well,guess what? We here at How To Adult have an answer for you, and that answer is.

It depends.

It depends on you.

It depends on things such as your desired lifestyle and your finances.

So here are a few things to consider to help you answer that question.

Part 1: Lifestyle.

So maybe you'll see yourselfreflected in some of these things.

Let's talk renter's lifestyle.

Renters tend to move aroundmore.

Renters are free to chase job opportunities in other cities or states.

They don't haveto spend their nights and weekends having to do maintenance work on their house or theirlawn, but they do tend to pay for that luxury in the form of, on average, higher monthlyhousing payments.

What about the homeowner's lifestyle? Well,homeowners tend to be more settled, like owning a house is typically thought of as puttingdown roots.

Transaction costs of buying and selling a home are high.

So it's not a goodidea to do it often.

In fact, the average house needs five years of appreciation toearn out the closing and selling costs.

At the same time, that stability can be reallynice for people with kids or with pets or people who need that sense of consistencyin their lives.

As long as they're not breaking any rules or laws, homeowners are free torenovate or upgrade their house, which is something that, in general, renters are notable to do.

So if you're someone that really likes to make a place your own, then, like,owning a home might be for you.



Let me know in the comments, does anybodyelse watch Rehab Addict? I know it started in, like, 2009, but, guess what? I just startedwatching Modern Family.

I'm usually about five to six years behind the curve.

I'm notgoing to do an impression right now, but I could.

You better believe I could.

) On the other hand, if spending your weekendspainting a fence or whatever, if that sounds like torture to you, then you've got threeoptions.

One, hire that work out.

Two, just plan on continuing to rent.

Or three, becomeTom Sawyer, which is what I'm doing.

Part 2: Finances.

Renters typically have highermonthly housing payments, but they don't usually have any other out-of-pocket maintenance costs.

And some of those costs can get really big, really fast.

Really big, really fast.

Oncea renter signs a lease, their monthly payments are locked in, so you don't have to have,like, big emergency maintenance funds if you are a renter.

Homeowners, meanwhile, do enjoy that lowermonthly payment, but they still have to deal with getting a new roof every ten years anda new water heater every seven years, and etc.

Renters may enjoy a locked-in monthlyrent payment for the one or two years that their lease runs, but homeowners tend to havea locked-in monthly mortgage payment that doesn't change for thirty years.

So, think about that for one second.

Imagineif you could freeze your rent so that it never goes up for the next thirty years, and thenafter those thirty years of paying rent have passed, they go away forever, and you havethis thing that is worth a lot of money.

That is the life of the homeowner.

Now it is at this point in the conversationthat many renters will bring up property taxes, specifically how they don't have to pay them.

That's true, but the landlord isn't just going to eat the cost.

Renters do pay property tax,maintenance, landscaping, it's just that all of those costs are built in to your monthlyrent.

Also, homeowners can think of their principalpayments going towards the mortgage every month as a kind of forced savings.

While rentersonly get shelter in return for their monthly payments, homeowners get shelter and buildequity.

Down the line, this equity can be tapped in the form of a home equity loan orline of credit, or can be returned to the homeowner when they sell the house to downsizeor move.

This "forced savings" is what many people refer to when they say a home is agreat investment.

So is being a homeowner always the right financialdecision? Not necessarily.

They usually have to save up a large down payment and that ismoney that is tied up in the house rather than working for them in, say, the stock market.

That's arguably what's called an opportunity cost, and it is something to consider.

So again, is it better to rent or buy? Thatis a question that can only be answered by you and your unique situation.

I hope that some of the points in this videowill help you make your own housing choice.

And if you do choose to buy, we're going tobe doing a "How to Buy a House" video in the future.

If you have any questions or tips,please let us know in the comments section below.

We would love to hear from you! AndI will see you guys soon! I love you, bye! Mwah!.

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