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Selecting A Builder for Your New Home

Hi, and welcome back to the Envision.

Home At Last.

video series.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about selectingyour builder.

And to start out with, what you’ll want to do is think about the size, style, and the price range of the house you intend to build.

What this will do.

it's going to allow you to narrow down your selection of builders.

After you narrowed your search a littlebit, now what I recommend is, attending home shows, parade of homes, or open houses soyou can not only meet the builder but take a home that they’ve built.

Another step is to talk to friends and relativeswho’ve already built.

They’ll be happy to refer a builder ontoyou if they had a good experience.

That being said, if they didn’t have a goodexperience they’re going to let you know about that too.

So keep in mind, a builder’s reputationis built by word of mouth.

If they do a good job, you will know aboutit.

Now your next will be to contact the buildersthat you’d like to talk with and set up an interview.

And there’s certain things that you’regonna want to ask.

First and foremost, you’ll want to knowhow long has the contractor been in business and how many homes have they built? You’ll wanna ask…how they operate theirbusiness? Do they build or do they design build? And we’ve talked about the importance of design build in the past, I’m a big fan of design build because what that does is it allows you to build yourhome…within budget and you’re always going to start off on the right foot with the builder.

Does the builder build custom homes or dothey only build out of a certain library of plans? What types of projects tend to be in theirwheelhouse? What sets them apart from their competitors? During construction you’ll want to knowwho you’ll need to talk to as your point of contact.

Is it the builder that you’re interviewingor is there a project manager? What if you have questions or you make certaindecisions or you want to change something? How is that process handled? How are change orders handled and when willpricing be completed and is that number guaranteed? You’ll also want to know how long it willtake to build your house.

By giving the contractor an idea of what it is you intend to build, they should be able to tell you, approximately, how long it will taketo construct.

And in the end, who will be involved in thepunch list process? What that is, is before you move in, the buildersare going to go through the home and make sure all the little details are taken careof.

Another concern will be regarding warrantyissues.

After you move in, you’re going to findcertain things that are gonna need to be either fixed or tweaked to your liking.

You want to work with a builder that you knowyou can count on to come back to help you out.

The final piece of the puzzle? Ask that builder for three references.

You’ll want to contact homeowners that thiscontractor has built for in the past.

Now when you contact these homeowners, askthem about their overall satisfaction.

Are they happy with the construction? Were they happy with the builder before, during,and after the build? Ask them if they’d refer this contractoronto a friend or relative? Also, ask them if you can see the home.

That allows you to get in and take a look at the quality and craftsmanship that was put into the house.

So, you’re now at the point where you’vedone your research, you’ve gathered your information, you’ve talked to homeowners, and it’s time to make a decision.

The one question to ask yourself is, who doyou trust most to build your home? And what I will tell you is this, trust yourgut.

Keep in mind, you’re about to enter intoa relationship and what you want to decide is, who do you trust to build your home? Well, I hope you found this information helpful.

If you need any additional information, orhave any questions, contact us through our website, www.



We’ll see you next time.

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A day in the life of a Builder

I'm Christian ——-.

I'm a builder for UrbanEmpire Construction.

I work on residential building sites.

So new homes and renovations.

My dad was a builder and I grew up on building sites with him.

So a typical day is openingup the site and organising the trades and apprentices of what work needs to be completed that day.

They can include installing windows, doing framing, demolition works and keeping thesite clean.

Things I enjoy about the job are working with my hands, working outdoors andit keeps you fit and healthy.

A good builder is someone who's good at problem solving,good with people and well organised.

One of the biggest challenges is just learning allthe different trades that are involved in the process of building a house and howlong things take and how long they should take.

When the job's going well one tradewill follow the other trades.

There's no waiting around for things to be done.

It all flows.

Usually, on a weekly basis, you interact with the client.

You'll walk through the job, showthe client what's been done, and what is going to be done in the coming weeks.

It's veryimportant to keep them in the loop and knowing what's being done on their site.

It's a satisfyingjob because your transforming someone's house into something that they've always dreamedof doing and in a new space that they can enjoy in the future.

It's a great feeling.

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Operation Finally Home: Tell us about the Dallas Builder Association

– [Freeman] Welcome to Texas Top Homes, where home buying, selling, and financing are all simplified.

I'm your host, Freeman Sawyer,and with me as usual is the queen of closing costs, Nancy Currie.

Today we have Phil Crone with the Dallas Builders Association, Ronnie Laos with Operation Finally Home, and Donny Evans with Altura Homes.

Gentlemen, thanks for coming here.

– Great to be here.

– Thank you for having us.

– Bill, tell us who theDBA is, to start off.

– Sure.

The Dallas Builders Association, we're a nonprofit organization that represents homebuilders and developers and then all the contractors and suppliers that support the residentialhome building industry.

Essential, we're a chamber of commerce for the residentialhome building industry, so we do a lot ofeducation, a lot of events, some advocacy, and great charity work through our charity of choice,Operation Finally Home.

– [Freeman] Ronnie, how can folks find out a little more informationabout Operation Finally Home? Do you have a website? – [Ronnie] We do,OperationFinallyHome.


They can go on that, they can find out what projects we currently have underway.

If somebody wants toapply to receive a home, there's an applicationform online as well.

– [Freeman] What about the listeners, what if they want to donate some of that money that Donny was talking about? – [Ronnie] If they go toour website, they can– they can click on "Help A Hero Now" and it will go into the general fund, or they can specify toa particular project where they want the money to go.

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Education vs Experience: How To Become A Home Builder | Vancouver Luxury Home Builders

[Gary] Yes, Bai.

[Bai] So just to expand on that answer, soif you are in a month like so you've got a one-year term and you take the box to actuallyin the term.

She go months and months, you can only gosee a 2.

9 as per the increase but if you said fix contract 1 year, you got to renegotiatethat point, then you can bump it up to it whatever.

[Audience member] it's just a very specificthing on the rental agreement.

It's not a residential tenancy agreement.

So it does not have it in and so you havea very good contract.

[Gary] You know I always say — I encouragemy clients to write addendums to their contract and then after writing that contract likesend a copy to residential tenancy branch and then get them to provide approval in writing,so that if ever arbitration comes like oh that's not legal, it's not allowed, will Igot the email from residential tenancy branch thing that's okay.


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A Day in the Life of A Luxury Home Builder | Vancouver Luxury Home Builders

[Gary] And then another question I've alwaysbeen curious about is, what's the day in the life of a builder like? [Sandro] What's the day in the life of a builderlike? [Gary] Yeah, what does a builder typicallydo on a regular basis? [Sandro] Get up and drink coffee.

[Gary] Yeah.

[Sandro] Well I mean typically, you know,is getting up and going out looking at, you know, looking at what's going on for the nextday, right? You know all typically have you know, be organizedas far as I'll have my day kind of planned out already that week planned out, and lookingat you know, what aspects of the build that we are on right now, and you know thinkingahead okay who do I need to know, what day do I need this next trades person in, whereare the materials coming from ordering materials, making sure that they are there for the peoplethat are working on the side, and it all just basically almost like a conduct or , orchestratingthat process is making, you know trying to make sure that everybody's kind of lined upproperly and on the job and that's going smoothly.

Making you know, obviously going to the site,and checking it out, and you know I don't mind picking up the hammer once in a whilemyself and doing some, you know some work if I need to do that.

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Sharon Gunter: Can you tell us the value a home builder gets when building a home?

– [Freeman] Welcome to Texas Top Homes where home buying, selling andfinancing are all simplified.

I'm your host Freeman Sawyer.

With me is my co-host Tracy Wesman.

Today we're chatting withone of Texas top builders Sharon Gunter with First Texas Homes.

– Sharon can you share with us some of the value you get when youbuild with First Texas out there in the preserve,mainly some of the things that are included with your home that maybe aren't includedwith the other builders or even in other First Texas communities.

– Sure.

Some of the things that are included that I think are reallyexceptional, first of all, are our cabinets throughout the home.

They truly are custom cabinets.

They're not box cabinets, every single cabinet in the home is custom built.

So I always tell peopleopen up the drawers, look at it, see how it's built and compare that.

There's not a bunch of little nails and that sort of thing.

– [Freeman] Alright soyou've got beautiful bathrooms and beautiful kitchens.

– [Sharon] Exactly.

Yes, they're very, they'rejust really above most builders.

Also we are an energy star builder.

A lot of builders are energy star but one of the things we also add are the tank-less water heaters.

To me, that is one of thebest things in the world.

I actually had them comeout and put one in my house and I can take a showerall day long (laughs) and not run out of hot water.

– [Tracy] I need one of those.

– I absolutely love that,that is one thing that most builders are going to charge you for.

– [Freeman] For a tank-less water heater? – Exactly.

Then we have the great wholehome automation system, the Savant System.

That is really cool, I can even program it which is, that's saying something.

So that you now havecontrol with your phone or whatever for music, cameras, the heating and air conditioning, the garage door opener, thelights, everything in your home.

That comes standard withour First Texas homes and there isn't anotherbuilder that I know of in the Dallas Fort Wortharea that has that.

That's really important, itcomes with some extra things like the surround sound pre wire, pre wire for cameras, pre wire for speakers.

You can even set upscenes so like at my model I have a scene that turnson the lights 15 minutes before I get there towork, turns them off.

Turns off the music, turns down the heater and the air conditioning.

If you're interesting in that, – [Freeman] I think that's awhole new wave that's coming to the home world is home automation.

It sounds like you guyshave easy home automation and what we've actuallymet the guys from Home Pro and they do a great job for you guys.

They're a lot of fun, but the Savant Systemsounds just wonderful.

– [Sharon] It is, andit used to be, years ago only really high end homes, I mean multi million dollarhomes had this sort of available.

Today First Texas hasthat in all their homes.

– [Freeman] And I'm thinking by the way you made that commentthat even you could do it, it does not require teenage tech support? – Oh no, no, no, no.

No I can do it.

I actually understood it when he was showing me how to do it.

Now that's something.

– That's great, that's great.

Sharon if folks wanna come out to Rockwell and pay you a visit andpick out a home site, what's your website and phone number.

– [Sharon] Our website is FirstTexasHomes.

Com and our phone number at the preserve is 972 722 1719.

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029 MQ Benefits of Having a Builder Inspect Your Home

Welcome back to another episode of our Ask the Roofer series, I'm here with Matthew Query from Freedom Home Inspections, really good friend of mine; we've known each other for six seven years?.

Yeah at least!.

A while! Used to be Freedom Construction where you were general contractor.

I actually worked for him doing roofing and stuff like that; that's ancient history, you've been in home inspections, doing that side of the industry.


And we were talking before, you said you wrote a blog, you posted or you're getting ready to post it, about the benefits of having someone who's experienced in construction look at your home in the inspection process as opposed to somebody who's just a trained inspector but hasn't really been a builder or anything; can you talk about that a little bit?.

Yeah sure! The process of becoming a home inspector, while difficult, is not impossible.

A lot of larger home inspection companies can hire, you know younger guys that are willing to go up and get it, and train those guys for what to look for; but over 12 years of experience I've had in the new construction industry, you see a lot of stuff that you just can't read in a book.

Yeah! Is like working on the back of a restaurant, once you've been back there, you go to a restaurant afterwards and you're like; " I see that, I see that, I see that".

Yeah! You've gotten dirty, you washed the dishes, you've cooked the food, you know the ins and outs of it for sure.

It's interesting because as a builder, working for a couple different companies, of you know, run up to 30 to 35 houses just myself, in multiple different communities, sometimes even in multiple different code jurisdictions.

So with that, not that I wanted to do a bad job, but I didn't have time to spend 3-4 hours in a house because I wouldn't be able to see every house.

And as a builder you're bringing in subcontractors.


it could even be a great subcontractor but if they have one guy who's having a bad day or if they have a new guy that's not necessarily good at his job, that can make everybody up the chain look bad and can create some very costing mistakes.

Yeah absolutely! And even as far as like working with different code jurisdictions, the county enforcement officials, great guys but they also have a lot to look at.

And you know they got to get through umpteen different inspections, I think one guy I talked to in just Mecklenburg County had like 40 inspections in one day, he knew he wasn't going to get to it.

But as a builder in new construction, you're really building the house to appease the inspector.


So, I am a man of integrity, I'm gonna do the right thing always, but you know when a code enforcement official comes in and says he's not going to take a look at your roof trusses because it wouldn't fall back on him if there were a problem, you know there's there's flaws in the system.

But that's where home inspectors come in and they they bring great value, and that's where I bring my construction experience and.

What are some common things you see, and obviously there's thousands of different issues but what are some common things you see that are missed or done incorrectly like consistently?.

Well as far as pre-existing homes, just contractors that come in and do work in areas where they're not going to be viewed as easily, such as: in a crawl space, or in an addict.

One home in particular I felt so bad for the lady, she paid a contractor to come in and completely gut the house; and you know the crawl space was about yay tall and the amount of structural deficiencies I found in that crawlspace was astronomical.


And it's sad because there are people out there that will take advantage of the fact that people aren't going to get into those places but again that's why you pay me the big bucks to go into those.

Yeah! Well you say big bucks but it's not even that expensive.

No it's not, you know, the average inspections is probably 300 – 350 bucks and it takes me, I'll spend 3 hours at the house sometimes, if it's an older home that typically takes longer.

And several more hours writing up the report.

Yeah exactly! It can take three to four hours writing up the report so it's a very beneficial service and very inexpensive service as well.

Yeah! I mean, for the liability and the protection you pay money for your insurance, it's very similar, you're paying to protect your interests protect your home.

We've seen some crazy stuff like that, we've even done roof repairs before, or quoted repairs and obviously we're going to quote "hey this is what you can get away with it possible but it's going to last six months" and then "hey this is how to properly fix something".

We quoted this one lady and I think it was like 750 bucks, it was a whole chimney reflash in a really hard to get to location, like two-and-a-half stories up on a steep roof and it was rough.

Another gentleman came at a later time and quote her, he was like "let me take a look", went up there, did some work, came back down and said "you owe me 250 bucks", and she's like "I didn't even tell you to do the work".

And so we had taken pictures in our inspection like we always do, so we went back and he had just literally taking pieces of metal, caulk the side and caulk the bottom and stuck them on there and step them down, and it leaked the next time it rained.

Oh I bet, yeah!.

And so we were able to show her that "hey this is what it looked like when we were there, and this is what he did and it does you no good".

I know I've called you out when I worked for a previous company, you know I trusted you to come over and make sure that another contractor, that was the original contractor had done it right and the fact of the matter was, they didn't.

Many times they don't!.

Yeah! In one case particular I remember, they made the problem worse.

So it pays to have a company of integrity that's gonna look out for your best interests and not just the, you know the dollar figure to go out and, you know check something out.

I'll come out all day long and do a you know visual inspection tell you what I think, I've been doing that for my friends even before I was making money doing it.

Is just something I'm passionate about, I want to make sure people are protected.

Yeah! we need it in this area too.

We've talked about it before, we have a legitimate revenue stream off of other roofing contractors that do poor work and we have to go back and fix it which it it's a bad situation but we've talked so much about vetting people, back checking them, and I mean we're happy to, we're an open books, like if we do something we want to show you pictures "hey this is what we did, this is why we did it" but there's so many issues you can see.

And you're Charlotte company, like you are in Charlotte, we are in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Or in other places.

Well exactly but like right now we're in Charlotte and they're lots of, especially when you get like hailstorms, big storms, you get storm chasers and that's when you really gotta be careful right? because with all the guys, I've heard stories about them taking money and running.

We've seen, even after Hurricane Matthew which is not too distant past, tons of companies coming in and they're not doing good work at all and it causes problems down the road so.

Why do you think that is? You think they do it, I guess I have an idea, is it because they don't have a relationship.

Lack of integrity!.

Well that, and they don't have a relationship with local crews.

Yeah they don't! A lot of times is the qualifications for doing roof work here, you have a truck and you have a ladder, and you're doing sheet rock yesterday but today you're a roofer so.

I think it's just an all-around lack of care for longevity, legacy, and everybody's playing the short game, "hey we want to go sign this check" and have a commission at the end of the week and go buy a boat, they're not looking at 5, 10, 15 years down the road.

So they'll be here and gone in a year or or less, and they make some money and they're like "oh why is business so hard?" but they're not thinking about down the road so they don't care how their work reflects them they just want to collect that check, that's their whole goal.

I mean it's our goal too is to collect a check but for us, we want to collect a check for the next 20 years, we want to be here with a reputation of "hey we do proper work" and I'm building, were building legacy, were building a company, were providing a good product, we're solving a problem.

So it's just a different mentality, you see the same with builder,s I'm sure you see that with home inspectors; where they just come in, here's my check out list and I'm good to go.

Yeah they're the biggest, one of the things that caused me to want to jump into home inspections, was what I saw as a on the builder side, receiving the home inspection and being really frustrated.

like "I know I'm building a good quality house" and yeah I missed some stuff so I'm grateful for the fact that they found some stuff that I overlooked I'm only human.

Well working with that many houses there's going to be oversight and that's why there's a second layer.

But to come in and be rabble-rouser you know to.

Try to legitimize why they were there!.

Exactly! I don't need to legitimize my place in the world you know, that comes from my heavenly Father so I don't have to worry about that.

But when the inspector comes in and makes you feel bad about your purchase, or worries about it, makes you worry about it.

That's not fair and I don't want to do that, I want to use common sense language, I've obviously got to put disclaimers you know legally because that's just that the world we live in but bottom line is I want to make sure that, you know, my clients know what they're getting, and what's actually really a legitimate issue, and what you really should push back on to get fixed before you go to closing rather than "oh well you know, I saw this on the internet" now I'm gonna put this link in here and scare you about your purchase.

You know we see a lot of signs, and obviously for for roofing inspectors don't get on roofs, but across the board I've seen some reports that the entire report was they take a picture of something and it was copy and pasted "have a licensed contractor inspect this issue", and they didn't really document or call out, they just snap pictures and put just like, he just did the minimum he could and then left.

That did no good for the homeowner, just sike them out "oh man this property is in horrible condition because I need a contractor for every single thing to see what's really going on" so.

Yeah and I put that in my disclaimer at the beginning paragraph of a section and it's almost grayed out, it's like smaller subtext because it's not the important part; is there to cover me in the event something happens or whatever but the big information I don't put in every single section in HVAC, "called an HVAC contractor", "call a plumbing contractor", "call a you know roofing contractor.

I mean you know you gotta call roofing contractor.

I don't know if you knew this but I'm not allowed, per the standards of practice of North and South Carolina, I can't actually do work on a home for 12 months after I've done the inspection, so I have zero, you know.

No conflict of interest.

No conflict of interest, I have zero benefit for calling an item out.

I'm they're legitimately to try to help the client so.

Great! We're gonna put your information here so people can find you.

If you have home inspection questions, I know we hit a very broad kind of, we'll talk about some other stuff in other videos but if you have home inspection questions, please put them in the comments or things you're concerned about or issues.

I can obviously, we can talk about siding, roofing, windows, that kind of stuff but anything outside of that I mean we'll have Matt throw his expertise out there but.

Thanks for watching and we'll see you on the next one.

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How to Sell More Custom Homes as a Builder – and have HAPPY Customers – 2017

Hello, and welcome.

If you're watchingthis video, then you're a builder, and like many builders, you're struggling toget clients.

And you're struggling to get them to pay the prices you know you haveto ask for.

I mean, the building industry, as you know, you either tell people exactlyevery element that it's going to cost them, and then they don't use you because you're too expensive.

Or you hide back some things, and then you quote them, butthen you let the client down because they end up getting hit with a billthey weren't expecting.

But at least you get the client.

It's so hard to get people tounderstand all the eccentricities of the building process, even for thesehighly successful people that are buying their massive homes.

Because they just — it's so foreign to them.

And you feel like you need to explain it.

Andeverything just becomes so hard and so complex.

And if you make it complex,they don't buy off you, so you keep it simple, but then they don't understand, and it's kindof a catch-22.

And you don't know what to do about it.

But I do, and I want to sharethat with you.

My name is Matthew Pollard and I am the Rapid Growth Guy.

And I want toshare with you a story of Bethany, who invited me to come and speak to a groupof builders that she had organized.

And these were all big businesses — they were$2M builds, $1M builds, $5M builds.

Very successful business owners, but she decided they all needed to understandrapid growth, because they were all struggling with the same thing.

They wereall struggling with other builders that were just trying to compete on one thing — price.

And she needed to help themunderstand how it could be done differently.

She came to me because Ihave taught 3500 trades people — builders, electricians, plumbers, in Australia — andshe decided that I had that unique expertise to share with them.

See, veryfew people, as I'm sure you know, have the expertise of the building market.

Especially in sales and marketing.

I mean, realistically, no one really speaks tothe builders' market.

But I've done it for years.

And what I help these people do,inside a 45-minute workshop, is really break down exactly what differentiatedthem, the competencies that they had that wereseparate to every other builder.

Every single person in the room came up with adifferent answer, but it was the right answer for them, because it was based ontheir unique competencies.

I mean, think about it: You have different experiences,different education, you've had different customers than everybody else in thebuilding industry, and it makes you uniquely placed to help one specificdemographic of customers.

And with Bethany's group, we helped her do that for every singlebuilder in the room.

It was a 45-minute workshop.

And now, I want to show you howyou can do it yourself.

I'm going to share with you things that I have notshared with anyone outside the scope of my one-on-one clients.

And we don't justhave 45 minutes together, we're going to have over an hour, and you're gonna beable to ask me questions, while her people never could.

I can't wait to showyou this intimate information in our webinar together.

Before we get to that,though, I'm all about transparency.

So I want to hear from Bethany and herexperience of me in that 45-minute workshop, and the outcomes that she sawcome out of it.

And then I want to show you in intimate detail through thewebinar exactly how you can rapidly grow your business.

Just click on the linkbelow, hear from Bethany, and then I'll see you in the upcoming webinar.

I lookforward to seeing you there.

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