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How To Tell That A Water Filter Review Is Reliable

Quite a number of people today are conscious about what they consume; and more so when it comes to the water they drink. If you take a random check you will realize that not less than 7 out of 10 people will admit to have suffered water-borne diseases. This is startling considering that most people drink tap water which is treated and purified by the government.

Due to that realization, a lot of people have resorted to using water filters to purify their drinking water. However, with numerous number of water filter brands out in the market, choosing the right brand is quite a challenge. However, if you want to make an informed choice regarding the best water filter to buy, just read through water filter review sites and you are likely to find the right answer.

So which water reviews can someone really trust? Here are a few tips to pick a good water filter review.
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You need to check that the review is not biased in favor of certain water filter brands. Whether the review if for or against a brand, a good review is the one that puts into account several brands and is not limited to certain brands only. When reading water filter review, you should try to find out that it reviews all the major brands available in the market and does not only focus on certain brands.
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If the water filter review does not review a number of major brands but focuses on specific brands only, then it is likely to be from the product manufacturer if the review is pro the product or if against, from the brand’s competitor. Such water reviews are definitely destined to be biased and cannot offer reliable information. Ordinarily, the perfect water filter review is the one written by ordinary product users who are only expressing what they like or don’t like about the water filter, to give a third party unbiased information regarding the product in review and not for marketing purposes.

It is also important to realize if the water filter review incorporates all the features of the water filter. If it doesn’t mention all the features, it should mention beforehand if those features are not considered important to the functioning of the water filter. If the review falls short of this rule, then you cannot make up your mind on an incomplete review. Remember, a product can have a weakness in one feature but has strengths ion many other features.

Finally, a good water filter review must give a verdict. However well the water filter review is done, if there is no verdict at the end then it is more likely to confuse the reader as opposed to helping them make up their mind.

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