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Cremation Diamonds – Why They Are Popular

In case you have a loved one that has passed away and was cremated, friends and family could honor the memory of the deceased by finding its final resting place that is unique to the interest of your loved ones or serves as a reminder to the life and accomplishment of the one that has passed away. In most of these cases, families will usually scatter out the ashes to the ocean or maybe place them in an urn. There are however other unique options that you may want to consider.

When family members wish to keep a relic of their loved one after they were gone, there are different interesting ways or them to create unique reminders of the person that has passed away. One option would be in placing the cremation remains in the hourglass. An arrangement like this as a final resting place for a loved one is creative and also symbolic. Another option to which is interesting would be to have the ashes pressed to a record. The record will not only contain the remains of the deceased, but will also hold a recording of its voice and serves as a way in remembering the individual that has passed away.

But there’s a way to where you could hold to a part of the deceased which is through jewelries that contains the ashes. These mementos or things are in fact just one way for you to memorialize the loss.
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Such option is designed mostly as pendants that will encase some of the form of your loved ones. This can be ashes, dried flowers or perhaps a lock of hair. Whatever you may have decided that you want to memorialize in such piece of jewelry, you should consider talking with the funeral home or the owner of the crematory.
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With the fact that cremated ashes are being composed of carbon and diamonds your loved one can in act be made into a precious gem and in incorporating it to a piece of jewelry which will be worn by a family member. Cremation ashes also could be made to glass that can also be used in a jewelry or perhaps a decorative piece.

Until just recently, cremation jewelries were considered to as a new concept. But this concept was actually used already for thousands of years ago as a way to mourn the deceased. This was mostly a common practice for people that were wealthier before.

Making the ashes of your loved one to diamond jewelry pieces is definitely something that’s best to do as it doesn’t just help to keep the good memories of your loved one, but it also helps to keep your loved one closer to you.

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